We craft software solutions that people love.

Wixel meticulously crafts bespoke software for some of the world's brightest business people . This includes web apps, mobile apps, interface designs, hardware integrations, new software products and services. Our team specialises in first version builds and offer an end to end solution - from sketch to real world product.

Beverley Merriman

We're skilled, experienced, honest and driven. Wixel works fast, without compromising on ethics, product quality or client attention. Exactly the team you need to build your software.

Beverley Merriman - Managing Partner, Wixel

The story of our journey

In 2010, inspired by the other's skills set and drive, we, Beverley Merriman and Sean Nieuwoudt founded Wixel on 7 July 2010.

We set out to build an e-commerce product. Our shared values, complementary skills and contrasting personalities proved to be a powerful combination. We soon set out with a powerful vision to build not just one product but a formidable software development studio.

Wixel was founded on the idea of pursuing excellence in an area where solutions are tailored to each clients unique needs. It's is our mission to deliver exceptional software together with excellent customer experience.

Wixel hires people with extensive experience, knowledge and skills. We enable our people with processes designed to adapt to changing environments and technologies.

We seek out team members who love doing exceptional work and building great software. People who pay attention to detail and have a sense of adventure when exploring new technologies.

At Wixel we consider it important to create and contribute to open source projects. We want to give back to the community that shapes the way people use and experience the Internet.

We believe in people - from our team, to the startups, agencies and large businesses we work with. We enjoy working with people with vision and strive to always exceed expectations.

We trust that our experience and desire to innovate set us apart. For us, today is about improving tomorrow.

Wixel is self-funded, self-motivated, profitable and growing.

Beverley Merriman

Beverley is an experienced entrepreneur who started her first business in 2003. She has owned and managed a promotional staffing company, gifting company and social media consultancy. Her business experience, communication skills, unconventional business thinking and strong strategic ability make her a force to be reckoned with. In her spare time she reads, writes, draws and kickboxes.

Sean Nieuwoudt

Sean is a software engineer, user experience specialist and web entrepreneur who has been immersed in the web for more than a decade. With a keen eye for detail he specialises in information architecture, interaction design and large scale application development. Away from Wixel he's a skydiver, paraglider, mountain biker, scuba diver and pilot.

The clients we work with

Wixel has crafted software solutions for a diverse range of clients and industries - these include early stage startups, broadcasting and media, financial services, healthcare, gaming companies, e-commerce companies, search engines and big data companies.

We helped from startups to Fortune 500 companies build products that are simple, effective and good-looking. Products that translate into real business value.

Our customers are business people. Business owners, entrepreneurs, business developers, marketers or R&D professionals. People who have identified opportunities to improve their businesses with software.

We've worked with investment and private equity groups such as Apis and Anthemis Group, to build products for their portfolio companies. Products such as AGILEci, an analytics platform aggregating financial data. The platform is capable of processing 200-million records in near real-time.

We've also designed and developed the nicest looking loyalty platform for the BLU Solutions trading in the UAE. A platform that provides loyalty software to retailers that already work with banks, airlines and a partner network.

Our work is diverse - campaigns for BlackBerry, audio processing software for Symphony of Spectres, search engine home pages optimized for ad revenue for Ask Jeeves.

Wixel has clients in Germany, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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