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Here's where you'll find updates from our team regarding products we build and our company.

Important Sinatra Concepts

It's important to remember that Sinatra is an amazingly flexible micro framework with a top level DSL and not a feature packed framework like Rails. It's purposefully built to have just enough functionality to give you what you need to get going. There are incredibly useful helpers and extensions…...

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Working with Sinatra Routes and Conditions

Efficient routing is fundamental to how well a web application functions, it's the ability to map incoming requests to methods inside your code using patterns that match request URL's. Luckily for us, Sinatra has a powerful routing mechanism built into it that gives you the flexibility you need for…...

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Arthur - making your Mac more awesome

Anyone who has tried finding and optimising settings on their Mac will know what a pain it can be. Is it safe? If I change something will it break anything? Am I doing this right? How will I fix it? It’s for this reason that we built an easy to use Mac utility that helps you safely change some of t…...

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How to install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu

In this article, we'll install PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 14.04, create separate users and databases, relax the postgres authentication to allow remote connections & connect to the server in a few different ways. What I've found is that once you've managed to install & configure it correctly,…...

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Streamlining the Wixel Design Process using Sketch

As first published on Medium Let's not sugar coat it. Our design process was clunky and time-consuming. Now, while that is not the same as a process that is completely broken, it's not ideal when you specialise in building large software projects in short timeframes. What we needed was a process as…...

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Purrrl: post launch updates

We've been working hard on the list of feedback received from a few of the amazing users! Here's what's been done: Added: MD5 headers that are added to the download page so you can verify files for security purposes. Added: Ability to upload files via email attachments. You can simply email files…...

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