Frequently asked questions

We understand that a technology project has many unknowns and more questions than answers. We try to answer some of the important questions here. If you need more information please drop us an email.

Who do you work with?

Our customer are typically business people. Entrepreneurs and business owners who have identified opportunities to improve their businesses with software or senior managers within larger businesses who have been tasked to take care of digital portfolios and IP.

Where are your clients based?

Wixel currently has clients based in Dubai, Germany, Lebanon, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

How long does a project take to develop?

Every project is different. Depending on scope we deliver the first version within 6-12 weeks of an agreed scope. We recommend that our clients who have tight deadlines focus on quick wins as a first phase and then extend on functionality after that. Once MVPs are build we deliver a solid application with all the key functions required.

How do you determine what goes into project phases?

The phases of project are agreed with you upfront in a Statement of Work. When applications are pressing to fix business needs, we work with you to prioritise features. Time and budget also help shape how work is phased.

Will I be able to see the project as it develops?

Yes. You are evolved from the start. You are involved in the scoping process, sign off on project plans, see wireframes, input on mockups, sign off on polished designs and see the application prototypes. Throughout the development process you will see your project evolve while it's hosted on our development servers.

What does a software project cost?

Software projects vary in price from $20 000 to millions of dollars. While we are not in the million dollar market, our ideal project is around $50000 - $100 000 which can be delivered in a rapid timeframe.
When you have clear goals, are prepared to talk money and work within constraints - it's easy for us to help you come up with the best strategy..

How can I start working with Wixel?

We aim to make working with us a positive experience. If you have business requirement to like to discuss it with us, please complete the form to the top. If you are not entirely sure what you want to be creating yet, we are happy to help with preliminary discussions and answer questions.

Who will work on my project?

At Wixel you will have a single point of contact who will work with you throughout your project. Our developers will work on your project all the way from idea to implementation. Where necessary we work with specialists in their field to address specific requirement. All work is completed internally by our highly qualified team.

What do you do to keep me informed on the project?

Throughout the project we will be in contact. At each stage you will get updates and be required to sign off on various phases of the project. The project plan and order of work agreed upon right from the start. During the life of the application we will provide you with assistance and support.

Will you sign an NDA?

It depends what it is. We do not sign NDA's for ideas from startups prior to being hired. If your idea is in the realm of web technology and social software we've probably built or worked on something similar in the past. Read more about our NDA policy.

So will you keep my project confidential?

Like with your doctor we don't discuss clients. The details of a clients project is only discussed and showcased when we have permission to do so. Read more about confidentiality.

Can you lower your rate?

No. We always try and give the client the absolute best deal. Asking us to give you a lower rate is saying that our best isn't good enough.

What engagement models do you offer?

Wixel offers two engagement models to manage factors such on client preference, project size, timeline, budget and project complexity. We often combine the two approaches to work in accordance with the product life cycle. Read more about our engagement models.

What happens once the product is finished?

Once a project is completed, we will keep your application running smoothly. You are able to choose a package of active maintenance or provide you with ad-hoc enhancements and changes as your application and business requires. Read about how we handle post deployment.

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