Our approach to delivering great software

Software development is a dynamic process - an art more than a science. Our approach is pragmatic and honest. We adhere to a hybrid agile & rapid application development approach backed by the power & simplicity of Kanban.

Planning before execution

No coding project should start without a plan. We develop a Statement of Work that defines project requirements and functionality. Proper planning, reduces risk, saves time and keeps the development process under control.

Eliminating the unnecessary

We strip every aspect of a project down to the essentials to ensure productivity, accuracy and speed. We minimise wastage eliminating unnecessary requirements, meetings, processes and implementations.

Continuous focus on quality

Our priority is always meeting or exceeding your expectations. We work hard to produce high quality software. Software that provides a great user experience for the user while being scalable, maintainable and flexible in the background. We build quality control into every step of our processes.

Rigorous testing

We believe in thorough testing. We work through a comprehensive testing process to ensure that we deliver software that works. It's not just a question of taking pride in our code. It's because error-free code helps limit the number of errors during the lifetime of the application. It allows easy handover to your development team.

Continuous improvement

Researching and applying the best and latest techniques in practice is an ongoing activity. We continuously improve our skills, programming environment, tools, technology and our already sleek processes. This helps us do the job better than anyone else.

Honest communication

Honesty is a fundamental company value. We are honest and transparent. We always provide you with the advice your business needs so you can always make the best decision for your business.

Infrastructure & deployment

Each project is setup with it's own staging and release environment. All code is automatically deployed to a staging environment during development where components are continually tested.

At the end of internal iterations, staging is lock down and a comprehensive Testing & Quality Assurance session commences.

If the QA team provides a thumbs up, the application is deployed to the release environment where it's re-tested. Once this is completed the app is deployed to production.

If for whatever reason the QA team does not approve the release, issues are fixed and updates are combined with the next release.

Version Control & rollback

All our code is in version control (GIT) - it's a strict company policy. We use a hosted VCS called Beanstalk that automatically handles deployments and issue tracking.

Sometimes, things go wrong. We believe it's how you deal with it that makes a difference. Rollbacks are painless and quick to correct.

Wixel is more than a supplier to our business. They are an extremely valuable business partner. The team always places our business interests at the forefront of any discussion. I find them accessible and they operate with integrity.

Tony Rimmer

AGILEci / London

I was told that Wixel can do miracles. I was skeptical at first but when I saw the results Wixel delivered, I became a true believer! We had a very complex project delivered to us in a record time. An extremely capable & helpful team.

Tony Gougassian

BLU / United Arab Emirates

Wixel is a breath of fresh air on a project. Their years of experience shine right through from the start and what's even more amazing is that they go against the typical stereotype of unhelpful, uncommunicative developers.

Gary Wilmot

Urbian/Cape Town

We are very impressed with the commitment and professionalism in the services offered by Wixel. They helped us deliver a quiz application to Ask UK. On very short timeline, they offered top-quality solutions.

Sigi Bessessen

Siteta / London

Wixel created three awesome designs we love. They got the concepts just right the first time and provide a truly professional service!

Franz Rodenacker

Digiata / South Africa

It is seldom in today's world that you meet a group of people who know how to listen first and then suggest a solution to your business needs. I found the Wixel team to be a group of young people with old heads on their shoulders and I know that what they have done with our website and everything that comes with that will be extremely beneficial to Coretalk. A very hard working and professional bunch.

Pierre Dormehl

Coretalk / South Africa

Wixel is what the development world was missing. Besides being coding alchemists (they're known for doing the 'impossible' with technology), they have a sensitivity to user experience and design, which is very refreshing in a world of techies that simply just want to get 'the thing working'.

Lizane Connoway

Beam / South Africa

The Wixel team provides both sound technical advice as well as efficient coding. The code we got from them simply slotted into our system without any hassle at all. I’d recommend working with them on any critical or time-sensitive project.

Nathan Jeffery

Debt Wise Solutions / South Africa

Every development brief has been met with effective solutions, embracing the latest technologies and applying the knowledge to various project applications. Wixel and their overwhelming development repertoire has been an important asset to my business.

Richard Paxton

Carbon Red / South Africa

If you need miracles to happen in software development, then I heartily recommend Wixel. We love them!

Darren Oddie

AGILEci / London

Wixel consists of coding geniuses, a lifesaver on any project. I will work with them again - ANYTIME!

Gerhard Müller

M&C Saatchi Abel / South Africa
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