The development partner you've always wanted

Business Partner

Are you an advertising, media or web development company with a capacity to generate sales? Do you require specialist product and bespoke software? We work with partners who need software development services for first version software, but would like to retain clients through an SLA thereafter. We're happy to build the project and hand it back to you.

Sales Partner

The sales partner is much like a business development role. We're looking for consultants that can help generate qualified leads. The sales partner facilitates pre-sales discussion and help negotiate project requirements. The sales partner will be representative of Wixel in a region or geographic territory. This partnership is suitable for tech and software companies and consultants.

Referral Partner

The referral partner refers potential sales leads to Wixel. The middleman function of bringing buyers and sellers together. It involves giving a reference to contacts looking for bespoke software services.

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